5 Best Ways to Stay Focused when you’re working from Home

5 Best Ways to Stay Focused when you’re working from Home@jobaap

It is a dream for every employee to work from home. It is a big advantage for employees to work from home as it saves money on petrol, don’t need to iron clothes, style hair and avoid spending time in a traffic jam, crowded trains, and noisy co-workers and moreover, you are working within your comfort zone. It can also have some downside distraction on simple things.  Between your professional duties and the responsibilities that you have at home, working from your house can mix up your focus and take you away from the work that really matters.

To help you avoid distractions and keep you on track, here are five strategic tips to use while you are working from home. 

·         Bribe yourself

·         Stay connected with your co-workers

·         Work out during your workday

·         Don’t work on the couch.

·         Remember to move 

Bribe yourself: Who says bribes are just for kids? There's nothing quite wrong with rewarding and pampering yourself, especially when you've worked hard to earn it. Mark your calendar, actually schedule the days and times with work-out appointments.

Reward yourself for good behavior by doing something you really enjoy. Before completing your work, promise yourself a cup of coffee once you finish the work or watch your favorite show or bribe yourself with food, for sure food will not be your enemy. We need to commit only once to a particular task or project till it is done. The anticipation of your reward will not only give you the motivation to keep plugging in but also it can actually make you work faster and get appreciation from others.

Stay connected with your co-workers: For some people, keeping focused on their job while working remotely can be difficult, especially at first. When you're on the clock, ignore the laundry or cleaning. So when employees work from home, the biggest thing they miss is the conversation and review that occurs after meetings. Make sure to use your cell phone, instant messaging or audio or video calls to check in. To avoid being forgotten by not being "seen," consistently communicate about progress, ideas, insights and what you're thinking — also ensure it is relevant too.

Work out during your workday: We know that exercise can help improve confidence and increase energy. For those of us who spend long days at our workstations, sitting nearly motionless under bright lights, fitness can seem like a pipe dream. But did you know that setting aside time to exercise during your work day can actually improve productivity? Researchers found that workers who did 2.5 hours per week of exercise in place of work were just as productive - or even more productive - than those who didn't. Instead of working out in the evenings when you're likely too tired, make it a part of your regular daytime schedule. And don't be surprised if your work output actually increases because of it! Finally, remember that when it comes to exercise, you not only look slimmer but it also helps in losing weight. “Having a sedentary lifestyle increases your risk for heart diseases,”


Don’t work on the couch: Yep! I love working on the couch. As we fell I’m able to sprawl out and truly get comfortable while working on a couch, but the problem that often occurs is that one can get a bit too comfortable. Think of it in this way, when you reach home from an exhausting day at work, what is the first thing you do? For many, it’s sitting on the couch for a few minutes and relaxing. Mainly because the way we engage with this particular piece of furniture is fixed to not doing work, getting into the mindset of being productive on the couch has its own repercussions. After all, the couch is most frequently visited the place to take a nap, read, watch TV and eat. To avoid all this, dedicate a particular space, whether a home office or a dedicated corner of the bedroom, it is the key to staying successful and productive.  You still need to feel that you have, in some way, "gone to work,”


Remember to move: It's easy to stay glued to your desk or couch all day if you work from home, and that's not good for your health or your mental acuity. Make sure you get up regularly, stretch your legs and walk around. Working from home doesn't need to literally mean "from home," either. Getting face time with clients at a coffee shop, working in a Wi-Fi-capable location or changing scenery are ways to remain productive while moving around.

I find myself running around to meet with clients or attending networking events on a weekly basis. By establishing a routine to dress and look the part, I can easily come and go throughout the day without stressing about getting ready for a last-minute meeting.



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