5 Ways to Use Stress to Your Advantage


At any given point of time during a day on daily basis, you get stressed for at least more than 5 minutes. Stress is a part of our lives. Many a times stress tends to give a negative intention. If we have the power to project negatively, then we must have equal power to project something positive too. We are absolutely capable of outsmarting our stress by using its energy that will propel us forward. When stressed we might feel bad, but we must trust that its intention is good and the outcome will be positive.

Here are five simple ways that you can use stress to your advantage.

1. Have a positive mindset

Take time to reflect on your positive attitude towards stress. Do you have mood swings or feel as if the entire world is against you when you are stressed out? Instead, identify the negative emotions that you have and focus on thinking positively. View stress as a challenge instead of a burden. With a positive attitude, you are likely to get through the rough period without suffering from a nervous breakdown.

2. Let go and move on

We can never have complete control of the world. Life will still go on even if you are feeling completely stressed out and on the verge of breaking down. Instead of harping on things or events that are beyond our control, for instance, others' judgment of you, a mistake that you have made etc, why not learn from the experience and move on. Rather than focusing on what happened and getting all worked up, instead, focus on how you can improve upon yourself the next time around.

3. Get a good sleep

With so many urgent deadlines in our lives yet with so little time to accomplish, we tend to forgo the necessary sleep and breaks that we need. However, studies have shown that our stress levels move in a direction that is inversely proportional to the number of sleeping hours that we get. By getting the sufficient sleep hours that we need, it can give us the necessary energy boost with a clearer mindset to take on the challenges and stress of our daily lives.

4. Share and open up

Stress can make us feel burnt out. Rather than choosing to suffer in silence, talk to someone close to you or whom you are comfortable with. Opening up to someone can help you relieve the burdened feeling and also see things from a different point of view.

5. Get creative.

Stress is generated from what is unpredictable. Although most of us crave the familiar situations, life would not be life without the excitement of what we cannot foresee or predict. We can either allow stress to make us more sturdy and rigid, or we can allow it to make us look at our lives like an artist would look at a blank canvas. Instead of stressing over and making a living, we must choose to focus on the art of living a successful life. Stress is the triggering agent which keeps us on our toes. How can we expect to be an expert in our industry if we're not functioning on the cutting edges of our field? We have more control when we can use our stress creatively. The adrenalized energy created by the stress of what is unpredictable can be used for innovation, excitement and risk-taking. The more creative we are, often the more successful.


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