5 Major things you should never say In a Job Interview

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There are some tips that you should never keep to yourself during a job interview. The hiring manager has already sorted all resumes and decided that they want to meet you. It is an easy one to get rattled on a job interview and blurt out something you didn’t even plan to say."Now it's your turn to make an impression." Here are the best tips to avoid and prepare and feel confident while facing an interview.


What not to say in an interview: 5 phrases to avoid

1)   Talking negatively about current or previous employers.

2)   I’m not very good at “x.”

3)   I’m a hard worker, Quick learner.

4)   Answering a cell phone or text during the interview

5)   How important is it for me getting to work exactly on time?


Talking negatively about current or pervious employers;  

Prospective employers will likely side with your current or previous supervisor and assume it will be difficult to manage you. Displaying confidence is a good thing, but the overly cocky statement will not endear you to interviewers. Remember that part of what hiring managers are assessing is whether you’ll fit well in the team – in another words, they want you to come off like someone, who’s pleasant to work with.


 I’m not very good at “x.”

When your interviewer makes a comment or asks you a question, take a second to think before you speak. A better angle would be to stay clear of anything sounding negative. Rather, frame your question more neutrally. For example: “In your view, what are some of the biggest challenges that your company faces at this juncture”?


I’m a hard worker or Quick learner:

Self – compliments disguised as critique makes people’s eyes roll hard. The interviewer has heard every one from your previous batches, so don’t try to trick them into believing your “greatest weakness”, which subtly means that’s it is a special skill that you have in your resume. You’re not actually expected to be able to perform 100% of the job on the first day? If you can do 75%percent or more, go ahead and apply as you can do it.


Answering a cell phone or text during the interview.

It’s very important during an interview; one should not use cell phone or text during the interview. It may indicate rude and discourteous to your interviewer’s time. Before you enter the company’s lobby take you phone and turn it off or keep it on silent mode, if you must have it on. You may either be on the phone, on the webcam, in –person or digital interviews you should not be using your phone at all during an interview. Even if you have all the right qualifications and show up looking your best, it’s easy to lower your chances of getting hired by talking over your cell phone or texting back to someone.


How important is it for me getting to work exactly on time?

Most of the people would be saying something sympathetic to someone who has been laid off or is dealing with emotional pain. Even your interviewer might also wonder how your personal life will affect your performance while you are in this job. So, keep your problems under wraps and keep the conversations focused on your professional life.

Before you head out to meet your next prospective employee, consider these five additional things you should never ask or say in a job interview. For more about interviews, questions to ask during to job interview /questions not to ask during a job interview and for a successful carrier click here.



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