8 tips that will help you prepare for a face to face interview

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In today’s challenging job market, most the job interviews do not go beyond telephonic rounds. In such scenarios when we get an opportunity to sit face-to-face and discuss with a prospective employer about employment should be grabbed with both the hands.


Below mentioned are few tips that would help you prepare for face to face interview.



1)      Research about the industry, the company and its competitors

Find out everything you can about the industry, the company and their products. Also check on the company reputation its position in their industry. Information about competition is also a must and should. Check the company’s website, take notes and collect as much information you can using search engines. “How much do you know about our company”, is an inevitable question that you might expect from your interviewer.


2)      Study the (JD) job description and prepare accordingly

Study each aspect of the job description carefully and understand the position you are being interviewed for. Prepare brief anecdotes about your past accomplishments and correlate it with the new job demands. Demonstrate in detail as why you fit each and every requirement that is listed in the JD.


3)      Bring a set of résumés with you

Keeping a set of resumes always helps. While most likely, your interviewer might have a copy of your resume but what if he doesn’t have one. Also there are chances that multiple people might take you interview; hence it is advisable to keep a set of resumes handy.


4)      Dress up for the interview

Proper dressing helps. For men it is advisable to wear suit or jacket with tie. For women business suits are advisable. Anything flashy is a strict no. You should avoid lot of jewellery, perfume or colognes. One must take note of personal grooming and hygiene.


5)      Be a good listener

Allow the interviewer talk and lead the discussion, interview is a two way communication channel. Listen carefully before you start answering. Answer the questions completely and directly.


6)      Prepare a list of questions

At the end of every interview, the interviewer gives a chance to ask questions. Candidates are sometimes judged by the quality of the questions they ask. Candidates with no questions are perceived as having no interest in the position.


7)      Be on time – NEVER be late!

Ensure that you know the address and location beforehand. Keep the traffic flow in mind and use maps so that you don’t lose the direction. Do a practice driving run if you are unsure of the location. NEVER be late! But, also do not show up more than 5-10 minutes early.


8)      Smile!

Do not forget to smile when required. Speak with lot of enthusiasm and energy throughout the interview. Smiling connects you better with the interviewer and will help you stay positive.



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