Activities To Do Before, During And After The Interview

Activites during the interviews, Activites after the interviews, Activites before the interviews

All interviews are tough to begin with, but there is another fact to consider. There are steps and measures, which help us to be at our best, when appearing for it. Here are a few practical steps which will help any candidate to emerge victorious. Happy reading and following:


  • Get a good night’s sleep so that you show up looking bright eyed and finest.
  • Get firsthand knowledge about the company.
  • Analyze the likely questions to be asked and practice your responses.
  • Prepare the list of documents required and check them out whether they are in place.
  • It is the time to put your best foot forward. Look clean and presentable. Dress well and apt, considering the office atmosphere, and the position you are appearing for. (Remember first impressions are crucial for selection).


  • Calm yourself down and do not be unnerved.
  • Get into the right frame of mind. Don’t get upset on any questions.
  • Speak clearly, boldly, correctly and with poise and confidence, when interviewed, and reflect a sensible and professional aura.
  • Show your strengths and skills to reflect a potential asset to the company.
  • Keep your answers short, apt, simple and honest.
  • Never be rude. Be polite and courteous to everyone you meet.


Thank them warmly.

Follow up after 2-3 days or a week in some cases.


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