Are You Overlooking These Simplest Yet Effective Job Hunting Rules?

Are You Overlooking These Simplest Yet Effective Job Hunting Rules |Jobaap

Dear grads, are you spending a lot of time hunting for the right job and ending up nowhere? Are you looking for some effective ways to make your job hunting process more resulting? Well, if it’s true, it’s high time you must reconsider your approach. Job searching is a daunting task as you are competing against thousands of similar candidates. But what really happens is sometimes, we are so busy in the trivial issues that we often neglect the bigger picture and overlook some of the simplest job searching rules that can make a big difference. In this article, we are going to talk about them, so let’s get started.


Rule #1: Let others know about your job searching


I know it sounds obvious but is you really working on this step? Guys, if you want a right job, you need to make connections. Just spread a word, let everyone around you know that you are looking for a job. You don’t know, who ends up referring you to one of the great places, keep fingers closed :)


Additionally, this will also help you gain some great job insights and advice to get you through.


Rule #2: Clearly state your roles


In this modern era that is ruled by www, most of us apply for a job through an online application that scans resume based on a computerized screening process. But do you know just because of the lack of relevant keywords, most of the resume get defeated in the initial screening process. So if you want your resume to get through, add relevant keywords based on the job description provided by the company. Make sure to add some of the words and phrases in your resume to make it seem relevant.


Rule #3: Your resume is not a Tatoo, keep changing it


Most of us have a perfect resume that we opt for every job we find. And although it might seem perfect to you, if you have not updated it with time, it will soon lose its value. Before applying for a job, you must customize your resume accordingly. If it takes too much time, you can look for online resume maker tools like Canva to get your job done within few minutes. When it comes to resume, “one size-fits-all” doesn’t work. If you are sending single perfect resume to every recruiter who comes into your way, trash is where your resume will end up. So make sure to tailor your resume to the job profile and organization you are applying for.


Rule #4: If you are not on Linkedin, you hardly exist


Do you know, around 95% recruiters use Linkedin to find talented candidates for their companies? But it is not that simple to be found by these people if you have no idea how Linkedin works. First, create a Linkedin profile, if you haven’t yet. Without a Linkedin profile, you are already way behind from your competitors. Also, creating a Linkedin profile is not enough, you need to optimize it get in the search results. A Linkedin is no less than your resume so make sure to give it equal importance.


Rule #5: Make sure to stand out


So guys, is there nothing that makes you different from hundreds of similarly skilled candidates that are applying for the same profile? Well, then how can your result be any different from those hundreds of candidates? Guys, there is no way you can bore your way of job hunting. Yes, you must come out as a professional candidate, but that doesn’t translate into a boring candidate. So when you are in an interview, or even in your CV, instead of using copy-pasted replies, answer every question in your own ways. Well, those who stick out are the ones who get hired.


Rule #6: A Thank you doesn’t hurt


I have seen many times that among two equally skilled and desperate candidates, one got a job and other one didn’t. When I looked further, I got to know that the guy who got the job, sent a personalized thank-you note after 2 hours of the interview, and there, it made the difference. Guys, saying thank you is a great yet often overlooked way of improving your chances of getting hired. So when you go for an interview, don’t forget to say a heartfelt thank you note to all those who interviewed you. This gesture will definitely give you a thumbs up.


Rule #7: Follow-up


Being hosted by an application is actually the worst part of job hunting process. Without any explanation, you are cut off from the communication is what is known as being ghosted.


For eg, you applied for the job, got a call for an interview and it went awesome according to you. The recruiter said, he will respond to you within 14 days but it’s been around a month, you got no reply and you have no idea what went wrong. Well, this situation is quite common among job seekers.


But what you can do here is to send a simple follow-up. It can simple let you get back where you left. If the company responds, you will learn where you are lacking and where you can work. If it doesn’t, you know this is not the company you want to work with.


Lastly friends, job hunting process many a time turn into a lengthy process and sometimes, it takes months to get a job we idealize. But don’t give up. Keep trying and never become desperate by taking up any job that comes your way.

All the best!

Wishing you a successful job hunting!


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