Being Smarter

Being Smarter, innovative,  imaginative, creative, inventive

These days everyone desires to be smart and here are a few tips to understand the significance, importance and dimensions of smartness. To become smart, one has to create habits that groom intelligence and nourish the mind. It is important to maintain smartness to be the best in leadership, business, or in other fields.

  •  Be innovative, imaginative, creative, inventive and experimental.
  •  At work, in service or socially hang out with people who are really smart. They are interesting and expand our vision.
  •  Learn something new. Acquire new skills.
  •  Question everything and do away with assuming. It is important to keep your eyes and mind open.
  •  Reading plenty is a good for accumulating knowledge. By sticking to your reading schedule your intellect will is enriched.
  •  Be motivated and stay engaged with a stimulating topic.
  •  Think pause and reflect and do not rush into things in life.
  •  Do not neglect your body. Exercise.
  •  Be more productive.
  •  Explore new ideas daily.
  •  Face your fears. Be brave. Withstand the challenges of life.
  •  Know the learning tools through the internet. Nourish your brain and advance your career.
  •  The activities in life are either uplifting or detrimental. Know them and proceed to do the best.
  •  Remove negativity.
  •  Shape your mindsets and beliefs.
  •  Absorb wisdom from all sources possible.
  •  Share the knowledge you possess. That is the smart way to spread smartness.
  •  Apply the knowledge gained. Improve yourself. Get inspired.
  •  Learn from your experiences and keep a diary to recollect and reflect what you are through.
  •  Be selective in making friends.
  •  Be mature in all ways, because maturity is critical to experiencing brilliant thoughts.
  •  Smartness is the instinct of knowing when things have gone wrong and having the passion to fix them.

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