Career Hopping: The Reasons Behind It

career hopping

A while ago, people fought tooth and nail to secure a government job. And after clinching the job, chances were that they would spend their lifetime on that job and never even switch jobs. This was necessary as they were after the benefits that came with the job which included post-retirement benefits. Also, employers dictated how long somebody stuck to their job. If they saw it fit to bring in newer talent in the hope that they would carry out the job faster, they did just that.

However, the wind of change blew through India and things are not the same anymore. People are moving from one job to the other as they follow their passion and also in abid to be their own masters. Being the ‘in-thing’ nowadays, it is causing alarm to employees as they strive to retain talent. Well, to assist the employers understand the reasons behind career hopping; here are the key reasons why people move from one job to another:

Skills becoming outdated

Completion of college was usually marked by the burning of books signifying the end of studying. Well, that is not the case nowadays. In today’s world, one has to stay abreast in their skills and knowledge, lest they become obsolete.  In fact, rapid changes that are taking place in the tech world as well as in the business model have led to entire organizations becoming obsolete. For that reason, those whose skills have become obsolete are forced to move on to other fields, especially entrepreneurship.

Automation of jobs

Advances in the field of artificial technology and automation have led to drastic changes in employment. For example, in India, the World Bank has estimated that automation is set to disrupt around 69% of jobs.  In fact, robots are projected to take over around 5 million jobs by the year 2020. As such, the fear of one losing their job or entire work streams becoming obsolete has caused people to move to other areas.

Wide array of career options

Well, a while ago, if one wanted a notable career, the only options were to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer. However, the 90s saw the birth of newer careers including jobs in business management, hospitality services, call-center jobs and product or fashion design. The digital movement has also seen the advent of newer jobs such as in blogging, app development and social media management. All these numerous job options have led to the urge to explore other career options thus career hopping.

Leisure becoming popular

Until most recently, in developing economies, it was almost taboo to announce one’s leisure time activities as this was viewed as being lazy. However, things are changing. Not wanting to overwork and valuing one’s free time is now viewed as a legitimate aspiration. And the thing is, when leisure is coupled with financial safety, it leads to people pursuing their passion.

With those reasons, it will be easy for you as the employer to determine how to keep your talent.


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