Habits to be picked up if you want to be seen as a Leader

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There are no born leaders, but the habits they possess and the behavior they adopt, the action they express, makes them a good and sometimes great leader. A right combination of habits and the right mentality have the potential to make them higher to a position of power.

They are people of action and are mostly silent.

They establish their reputation by speaking little but clearly and eloquently.

They are intelligent and influential

Ordinary people remain at the bottom and intelligent go up in life. They expand their sphere of influence in any domain.

They’re flexible and adaptive in approach

Their ideas, strategies and vision are different from others. They are not rigid. They are ready to find an alternative way when given an obstacle. They solve most challenging problems. They adapt their leadership style to the changing personalities, opportunities, challenges and situations.

They are least argumentative

They use their energy in actions and not in an argument. They go for the best possible results, every time.

They stay active in the Community

They are engaging by nature with their families, people, colleagues, and friends and community members. They are socially involved and know what is going on around them.

They are better informed, knowledgeable and always stay up to date.

Knowledge, data, facts and inputs are tools of working for them.  

They think ahead.

They forgo rewards of the moment and aim at rewards of the future.

They dislike uncertainty.

They face risk and hardship, but are not disturbed by it.

They do things as per time

They are calm, and master the art of timing.

They distinguish themselves

They are distinguishing from the group in many ways and do not spend their life going along with the flow. They develop a powerful, influencing personality with a great mindset and sound habits.

They stick to their habits consistently.

They provide tools, inputs, specific commands, training and guidance to employees to succeed

They are keen to invest a lot of time and energy into training. On the strength of their personality they guide well. They are approachable and feel comfortable when other ask questions to them.

They appreciate the work of others and praise them.

Praise is a great motivator and makes the employees work hard in the future.

They set an example for others.

They create conditions so that the employees put in the hard work and get the job done. They lead well and clear the way for others. They are motivating.

They have a listening approach

They understand their strengths and weaknesses the employees and patiently listen. They are focused and understanding. They are connected to the real problems within the business.

They avert disasters and encourage team-building.

They are firm and decisive

They tough decisions and stick to them. They take the best decision for the team and for the health of the business.

They are confident in their abilities

They trust their team to make them feel empowered and perform at a high level.

They show integrity

They treat others well in an ideal manner.

They are always optimistic

They have a positive vision of the future and encourage positivity. They look for the positives in team members and in all the situations.

They create a great and inspired working environment

When everyone is encouraging, a productive work environment is created to express ideas, and tell the truth.

These traits are great, and take the organization forward.


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