How Can Interviewers Identify Fake Candidates?

fake candidates

It is important to check and avoid fake candidates because most of the legitimate candidates suffer from this, even though they have good knowledge and expertise to do the job. Identifying fake candidates is a challenging issue for Recruiters today. Today the world is interconnected and one can perform several tasks with the help of internet. Below are some of the strategies to identify fake candidates.


  • Whenever some experience is added in the resume, which the candidate has not done, it will come out and expose the candidate. Insightful questions about projects and experience, technical details mentioned in the resume, apart from the challenges and problems faced at different levels have the capacity to extract the information. Based on the answers of the candidate, the interviewer can gauge the depth.
  • A thorough back ground check about the companies mentioned will help the interviewers, to find out all the details about the candidate 
  • Many candidates also maintain a profile on LinkedIn  and Facebook.  It is so easy to do a quick search about a candidate and identify the required details about them.
  • The best way is to ask for references’ official company email IDs - and not personal ID since anyone can create a random personal ID. This will help to check as a real person will readily share it without an element of guilt.
  • When the interviewer knows for sure, about any discrepancy or fake experience, call the bluff, and say that the interview will not go further as he can just call the company and check performance there. At this point, the candidate will be uneasy.
  • Ask a few issue related question as per the names of companies mentioned.
  • A series of "why?" or "how?" or "when?" when asked about confidence will force the candidate to talk the truth and the interviewer can get details. If something is fake, it will appear fishy.
  • Being the interviewer with a task to select the right person it is good to appear interested and time your questions and silences, and wait for the body language and proper reply.
  • Fake candidates approach the questions theoretically. Whereas the real candidates share their feelings and experiences.
  • When there is no proper format in the CV and it ends abruptly without the Personal details or Declaration statement. If a CV is like that, there is a big chance that the Candidate is fake or has a fake CV.
  • Another way is to see that the fonts are uniform or not. A real person will have a plan and come up with uniformity.
  • Observe the body language. Genuine persons have confidence in their walk.

In this way, this avoidable happening can be checked and order restored in the interviews. 


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