How Does Your Company Measure Your Potential?

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Potential is a big word in the corporate world. Achieving set targets is usually the easy part while demonstrating potential is the biggest challenge that most workers face. In fact, it’s very difficult to measure potential. This is especially critical during interviews for promotion or when seeking a new job. Most of us have skills and talents that we know and those we haven’t discovered yet. The best assessment tool is one that is able to capture as much of your passions, personality, and gifting as possible.

What Is Potential? Most HR officers look at potential as your reserve capabilities that can be put to use through extra training and motivation. It is your ability to develop and perform at a higher level in the future. It sets the upper limit of an achievable performance level of an individual. The potential could lie in a particular skill or a combination of certain skills to bring about extra capacity. While the potential is often viewed through the lens of talent, it’s heavily impacted by work ethic and attitude.

How Is Potential Measured? Potential Analysis is an appraisal of the extent to which your efficacy and performance-related capabilities already exist within you. The company simply tries to gauge your level of delivery based on your current level of understanding, strength, skill and experience. They then estimate how much more you can give with an increased input in training, exposure, and mentorship. Most often potential is assessed as a function of raw talent alone which can be misleading. Gauging potential is dicey because not all potential gets actualized eventually.

How Is The Potential Analysis Done? Four major aspects are gauged during potential analysis. Each of them highlights particular strength that the recruit brings into a position.

I. Intelligence tests. This test is geared towards testing the recruit’s abstract capabilities, numerical ability, verbal reasoning, spatial insight, etc. This is often gauged as a person ability to grasp new skills and ideas. Most employers use this measure to hire employees. That’s why the Grade a student tends to be given higher priority.

ii Personality Measurement. While most of us can adapt our behaviour to various situations, there are certain traits that recur in how we carry ourselves. Personality tests enable the employer to gauge how you interact with others, how you communicate, what motivates you and where you draw strengths from. It can also indicate how you respond to stress and pressure.

iii. Values and Motivational Measurement. A person’s convictions, ethics, and drive always impact his potential. They also help to gauge how he or she would react to certain dilemmas. A value test merely highlights why the employee does what they do.


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