How Technology and the Digital Wave are Disrupting Jobs

digital technology

The recent past has witnessed advances in the technology world. The manufacturing world has been greatly transformed by automation and advancement in artificial intelligence. What was only viewed as stuff for science fiction movies and books has quickly come to life in the real world and there is no stopping the rate at which technology is advancing.

There is also the digital wave that is washing over. More and more people are using mobile phones and social networks in communication. Not to mention the use of emails and other internet tools in day to day tasks. All these have had their impact on the world in general, but also on the job market to be specific. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that technology and the digital wave have impacted the job market:  

Jobs being made easier:

With the advent of technology, some of the tasks that seemed daunting were taken over by machines and software thus reducing the workload. Technology also made some jobs which were viewed to be dangerous, especially in the manufacturing world, very safe. Machines also increased productivity in this industry.

Scrapping of jobs:

According to Brynjolfsson and McAfee, they believe that technology helps boost productivity and make societies wealthier. However, it has its dark side. The technological advancements have led to the elimination of many jobs and this has left the typical worker in a worse situation than before. People in the manufacturing world have been victims of this change. With the introduction of robots, automation and special software, workers who made their living in industries lost their jobs as well as other areas such as in the travel world.

Disappearance of jobs:

Technology has also slowly changed clerical work and other professional services by doing away with the jobs. With such tools as artificial technology, the Web, data and improved analytics, some routine tasks are quickly being taken over. Many of the white collar jobs that used to be there such as jobs in the post office and customer service have quickly disappeared.

Change in job requirements during recruitment

In the analogue world, employers were keen on the number of years of experience that the applicant had. This is because the future in this world was fairly similar to the past and once the applicant was hired, they would hit the ground running. However, in the digital world, the future has no resemblance with the past. As such, securing a job will require the applicant to have the ability to solve problems and also work with others, not forgetting the ability to learn something quickly. This might replace degrees and other qualifications that are the norm in the analogue world.

As such, even as we embrace technology in our day to day lives, we should be wary of its effects on the job market and quickly learn how to shield ourselves from the effects.



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