How To Prepare For a Job Interview.

job interview questions

A job interview is a very prominent step for your dream job. So finally the day has been scheduled and don’t know how to face the interview. Here we have come up with some interview tips for cracking job interviews.


Analyzing the Job:


Analyzing the job is a very significant step in preparing for the job interview. You have to cross check the job description and required skills thoroughly because the interviewer would start discussions on the job description and their respective skills. So you have to be more comfortable with the job that you are taking up.


Company Research:


Before you go on a job interview, research about the company, it is one of the important factors any job interview. Here is the list of points that you have to cross check.

Do the company have a website or not?

Google reviews about the company.

Does the company have good clients and including the company work culture?

Does the company have active social media pages?


Common Job Interview Questions:


1)    Tell me about yourself?

2)    What are your strengths?

3)    What are your weaknesses?

4)    What are your short term goals?

5)    What are your long term goals?

6)    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

7)    Why should I hire you?

8)    What is the unique quality in you apart from others?

9)    What are your achievements till now?

10)    What will you do first 3 months if I hire you?

11)    Tell me about your responsibilities in your current company?

12)    Why are you looking for the change?


Questions to ask in a Job Interview:


1)    May I know how long you are working in this organization?

2)    Can you share me few points about company work culture?

3)    What are the company achievements for last year?

4)    Tell me about the team members that I would work with.


What to wear to a job interview:


Be prepared what to wear to a job interview prior and don’t make plans at last minute. For men, being in formal look shows professional impression and shoes should be well polished along with a matching belt. For women, wear blazer for a formal look and sweater for a business look.


Things to be considered before accepting a job offer:


1)    Job description

2)    Salary

3)    Opportunities and career growth

4)    Company culture

5)    Benefits packages

6)    Working Environment.


Be prepared all the steps that we have discussed above. High confidence levels and positive mind is very important to crack in the interview panel.


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