How to find new power in mistakes committed at workplace

mistakes committed at workplace, find mistakes committed at workplace

Mistakes happen in a big and small way always. They need to be handled with care. It is tough to find new power in mistakes committed at workplace.  Here we aim to bring some perspectives about them, and present the steps, and show a strategy, to pick up the pieces, and limit the long term damage of mistakes.


  • Do not be afraid of owning up your mistakes and do not allow other people to be affected by it.
  • Start the process to fix the damage, and this will add a dimension to your brain, and help you to be wise, functional and effective.
  • Do not try to save face, or become a quiet fixer.
  • Carry out an honest assessment of what went wrong. This helps in the long run.
  • The mistake done could be much larger in scope than realized. Here the team steps in, and helps to undo, or minimize the damage. This also develops the team spirit, and a pooling of problem solving skills and strategies.
  • Feel reassured that whatever loss or damage, there is a way to find the remedy, and it will also be a lesson, not to commit it in the future.
  • Visualize problems of the future, and put up strategies, to avoid or overcome them.
  • Be honest. Put up an honest effort and do not spin a story, which does not resemble the reality.  Do not let big mistakes to get bigger by pretending that nothing has happened.
  • Apologize to everyone affected. Profit or loss, win or loss, the manners and gentlemen qualities should not be sacrificed. Taking up full responsibility and giving an earnest apology reflects sincerity of purpose and true integrity about the goals and efforts of the people you work with.
  • A mistake is an opportunity to make a new beginning, and to bring a new solution of the problem. This is a huge plus gained from the mistake.
  • Problems arise and solutions have to be found out. This also adds depth to the individual and the company.
  • What we do after a mistake helps us to stand out as a valued employee.
  • Do not equate making mistakes with being a mistake. Today’s mistakes are a matter of learning for one and all.  Choosing a proper response to them helps us to be mature and present us in a new light.
  • The method to see and understand the probable sequence of events, how things went wrong, or whether several small mistakes led to a larger one can be effective in the future. It also helps to know if there were any erroneous assumptions made.

With all these factors considered, there are great lessons to learn even from mistakes.


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