How to impress others

Impress Likeable Charmers Impressive Impression

Most of us have come across some people who are lucky with the strangers who become new friends. Some people are charmers and are effortlessly likeable. Social grace and winning over people is something of an art form.

There are a few things to do in order to make our presence felt and impress others. We list them here:

  • The way we look, and the impressions we make upon them, is a factor that determines our success with other people. People make judgments about someone’s likeability, attractiveness, trustworthiness and competence after seeing their face for a short while.
  • With natural charm, we can get away with anything. There is an irresistible influence in the first impressions and facial expressions. Facial characteristics are associated with competence.
  • Alter your expressions, smile and put on a happy face. When a face becomes happier, it also becomes trustworthy, warm and sociable.
  • Get to know some facts about the people. The moment you have good information about people, you will change the way you perceive them.
  • If you can impress someone, they will often forget about what they thought when they first saw us, even if it was negative.
  • Channeling your charm is the best way to impress. Charm is likability and finding delight to interact with someone.
  • People with better social skills are more successful and workers who are well liked are better at getting their way while working.
  • Interpersonal skills are becoming important in the workplace as organizations have done away with older, hierarchical structures in recent years.
  • It is smart to have the ability to work in teams and influence others with or without titles.
  • Even when you are an introvert train yourself to be an extrovert.
  • The major things to do when we approach somebody positively are eyebrow flash, a quick up and down movement of the eyebrow, a head tilt, and a bright warm smile.
  • Then interact with the other person and do not talk about yourself.
  • Make people feel good about themselves, show a genuine interest in what they are saying, and they will like you.
  • Observe and show genuine interest in their mannerisms, tone and personality. Watch the body language of the other person.
  • Focus on and maintain eye contact, and show interest.
  • Make the people look pleased and let them feel good about themselves.
  • Find a common ground with the people you interact with even when your opinions diverge.
  • Try to really listen to the other person and do not set up your response.
  • Keep up with current events, and industry news, as those are the topics most people have in common.
  • Never overwhelm people with too much information about ourselves. Release information about yourself to keep the relationship alive.
  • Develop quick rapport.

With these tips you will impress others and become a well rounded personality to tackle any situation.



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