How to work smarter and not harder

How to work smarter and not harder,  work smarter and not harder,How to work smarter

It is always great to be self aware of your work style. Being smart is associated with an image of a high-level executive. It expresses an individual's emotional and intellectual desire to have much. Being smart depends on having a unique personal mission statement and defining success personally. It is all about leveraging other people’s time and money and having an immense self-awareness. It also allows an individual to prioritize the needs, seek assistance, build a network, reduce losses, and build upon strengths. It helps to reach goals in the quickest and efficient manner.
Time segment

  • Take note of time.
  • Assign a time limit to a task.
  • Avoid delays in taking decisions.
  • Ensure that the time spent working is productive, professional and does not have any wastage.
  • Create a fulfilling work-life balance.
  • Task segment
  • Have a to-do list, be productive, subdivide the tasks into batches and prioritize.
  • Actually identifying a purpose and having a schedule, takes us on the path of success.
  • Keep the delegated person on the track.
  • Find and modify templates to utilize and know their effectivity.
  • Always know how to proceed.
  • Find the way and Plan the resources to reach your goal efficiently and effectively.
  • Start with a clear, well thought-out to-do list.
  • Take a break from your screen, and get some movement for a few minutes.
  • When you need to work closely with others, check in before you start your workday and ensure that you are in touch with everyone else.
  • Deal with important issues first and take quick decisions.
  • Have an objective
  • Determine the objectives and set the goals.
  • Understand the purpose, or the “why,” behind any activity.
  • Increase information and involvement
  • Free the mind to focus on the tasks that are critical to making progress.
  • Create effective Strategies. 
  • Take care of the issues of productivity and focus.
  • Emails and work
  • Create an order for e-mails and place them in the day of the week folder in order to respond.
  • Know in a detailed way where you stopped, and come back to do it without wasting time.  
  • Curtail the errors and mistakes and build on the strengths.
  • Miscellaneous
  • Before the work begins get plenty of sleep, exercise, and recreation.
  • Switch off at the end of the day and ensure a comfortable beginning for the next day.
  • Have small breaks, save time and effort, for the long run.
  • Preserve and enhance the asset you have.
  • Go for a balanced program for self-renewal.
  • Ensure that the rests help you to avoid burnout.
  • Have sessions of intense high activity.
  • Be fresh
  • Refresh your mind often.
  • Improve cognitive function, creative thinking, and memory performance.
  • Consolidate memories and remember new information.
  • Be close to nature and reset your attention span.
  • Unwind, Refresh and relax your mind to focus longer when you return to work.

This way there will be smartness in the work and it will be reflected in the positive results.


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