Importance of Body Language in Interviews.

body language tips

During the interviews Body language is assessed along with the words you say. The way an interviewer perceives your body language has the potential to make a huge difference in the outcome of the interview. Body language includes any manner, gesture, or posture that conveys a message and gives a meaning to the observer. Studying Body language in an interview gives nonverbal cues about an individual. Here are a few tips on using the body language effectively:


  • Give a firm handshake. Hiring professionals feel that a limped or unenthusiastic handshake is not a sure sign of confidence. A sweaty palm leads to a bad note. 


  • Maintain good eye contact throughout the interview. The people who consistently made eye contact while speaking are considered more intelligent.


  • Hand movements contribute to the impression that is conveyed in a job interview.


  • Showing palms indicates sincerity.


  • When the fingertips are pressed together it indicates confidence.


  • Avoid concealing hands, as it reflects that you have something to hide.


  • Do not tap your fingers, as it shows impatience.


  • Overusing hand gestures is greatly distracting.


  • Avoid being anxious, nervous or bored and appear friendly in demeanour.


  • There are a few acts which do not reflect properly on you like repeatedly crossing and uncrossing legs or arms, passing the hands in the hair, fiddling with buttons or clothes, or scratching your head.


  • Do not be dominating or bold in gesturing.


  • In order to be effective it is good to go for prior interview preparation and rehearsal.


  • Positive examples of body language in an interview are leaning forward, showing sufficient enthusiasm and nodding appropriately.


  • See when the interviewer is making an important point and you need to acknowledge it and pick up the cue from there to go further.


  • The eyes should reflect positivity, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to be a future part of the present environment. Attending an interview for the sake of attendance is no good and wastage of personal time.


  • Do not shift your eyes to and from the interviewer’s face as this can send the wrong message.


  • Smile genuinely and mean it, because it is a universal sign of happiness, and a pleasant way to convince your interviewer.


  • Avoid an artificial grin as the interviewer will know that it is forced and will not yield a desired result.

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