Job Security in Metropolitan Cities

job security in india

Working for a stable company, a short commute, and having job security are most important aspects of any work environment. Workers ranked job security and benefits to be important contributors for job satisfaction. Job insecurity arises when people just assume that the way they work today is the best approach because they have been doing it for a long period. That does not serve the purpose of keeping the job secure.


The secret to a thriving career is the attitude of learning. These days, Job security, especially in metropolitan areas is facing a tough time in long-term employment. Companies lay off employees in thousands. There are sweeping cuts.


The remedy:


There is a premium to possess the ability to learn new things and apply that learning to new scenarios and environments. The ability to learn anything needed, and build an offering around it, has never been easier, and the demand has never been greater.


1. All can thrive in the new world of work, by reinventing them, in a calculated and exciting manner.

2. The possibilities the new economy affords are varied and appreciable and there must be an honest assessment of the capabilities one possesses. If this is done working will be easy and one can adapt to newer challenges and situations.

3. The key to holding on to a job is to know how innovation happens and change accordingly.

4. Every single employee must aim to be a leader within the organization, and empower himself to contribute new ideas to shape the company. This will work for the growth of the company and everyone will be benefitted by it.

5. The employees must adopt cutting-edge modern tactics, to transform and produce better results.

It is easy when we challenge convention and emerge successfully. 

6. There must be an employee review which should be done by the employee himself. This will boost the self-confidence and help in finding remedies in which the employee has a stake.

7. In order to be successful employees must never be late adopters, bystanders or watchers.  The reality today is that these qualities are risky and harmful.

8. When there is an understanding of the values, shared by all employees, in view of changing economic conditions, it can help the companies in a big way.

9. There must be a Focus on skills and knowledge development to increase your value to your company.

Alternatives if removed from job:


 A strong determination to succeed can help to withstand the economic challenges and get poised for growth.


There are plenty of jobs worth doing in metropolitan areas which pay you enough money.  People are able to make a comfortable and living wage through professional and freelancing means. They even provide a regular income.


Job security is being replaced with job stability, which is the ability to make a comfortable living by mastering the trends in a particular field. Today the ability to become an entrepreneur has also become easier.






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