Jobs that did not exist a few years ago but are hot today

Jobs that are hot today but did not exist a few years ago

The world changes rapidly and today there are a few jobs which were unheard in the past. They cater to a need, and have stocks of followers, who are ready and eager to excel in them and open up new horizons. Here is an analysis.


Social Media Manager

This job requires showing some experience in a social media or digital marketing. Today Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, command a huge following and have become an indispensable marketing tool, for the brands to engage with consumers.


The app-based car-ride services

Ola and Uber have announced new services in cities around the globe, and have a promising and user friendly presence today.  The next step is the self-driving cars.


User Experience Designer

This job requires creativity, and working on apps, mining data and know the problem users face with the existing app design. There is a stress on change and efforts to make the app more interesting and engaging.


App Developer

The iPhone, after it arrived in 2007, has generated a huge appetite for apps today there are 1.6 million apps in Android and 1.5 million in Google Play. There is a booming market for app developers.


Sports Manager

This job requires expertise, passion and understanding of the sports curriculum, preparing the athletes, and knowing the basics of sports in administrative and organizational aspects. It is an art to manage athletes and teams and it needs to be mastered here.



Today Bloggers and Content Writers are popular, visible and earn well. They may be self-employed or work for agencies and media houses. They use their inner creativity for having a good living.


Chief Listening Officer

Chief Listening Officer listens to clients and potential partners of a company. It hugely requires relevant experience and expertise. They are expected to give solutions and insights to the complex issues across sectors.


Big Data Analyst

This career demands plenty of brainpower and dedication. Through it, one can gain lot of money and tremendous power. The volume of data is growing at a rate of 40% p.a. and there is a huge demand for experts who can analyze and process all this information.


Millennial experts:

Millennial experts today help the companies need to understand the values and expectations of their young employees, and the measures to engage with them. They are a significant proportion of the workforce.


YouTube Content Creator

YouTube Content Creator is a challenging career waiting to be taken. One can work with a media house or an entertainment company, in the capacity of a Director, Producer or Scriptwriter. This attracts millions through Advertising, Social Media Management and Sponsorship Deals.


Genetic Counselor

A genetic counselor works with individuals, finds what is wrong with them and advises them to take corrective measures to avoid diseases that they are likely to inherit.


Cloud Computing Specialist

A Cloud Computing Specialist is popular these days and several US businesses use it for doing their work in an intelligent manner.


Sustainability Manager

Sustainability is an increasingly relevant and important issue for the organizations today. It is about using resources effectively and making environmentally friendly decisions.

In the near future, people will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that are new today. The pace of change is going to be rapid, owing to the advances in Robotics, Driver-less Transport, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology,  and Genomics. Welcome to new jobs, and make a place in your chosen field.


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