Questions which a candidate can ask in an interview

Questions which candidates are expected to ask in an interview

A candidate can assess the employer as he/she needs to be convinced that the job would fit. In order to determine if you'd be happy working for this employer, and to know whether your goals are aligned with the company, there are a few questions the candidates can ask, after the conclusion of an interview. This will impact and change the dynamic of the interview and enhance the perception of a candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager. It is a great measure to reveal interest, intelligence and engagement also. One needs to ask smart and thoughtful questions and we have come up with a few to guide the candidates to success.


What do you like most working for this company?

The answer reveals the sense of companionship and a desire to know its culture.


How do you describe the company culture?

This reveals the cornerstones and broad views on the corporate philosophy of a company and their stand on prioritizing employee happiness.


Who is the ideal candidate for this position? How do you think I compare with that?

This question provides an assessment whether our skills align with what the company. If they match up, the time is better utilized.


What is the big challenge faced by company today?

There are several challenges and by joining in you can get a measure of how the company overcomes them and measures success.


Are employees given education and training opportunities?

This shows the importance of education and training opportunities, and the programs undertaken to do it.


Please give the details of my team members with whom I will work.

The size, composition and the place of the candidate are decided by the answer given.


Who would I report to?

This will reveal the hierarchy, the place of a candidate and the equation to be established before accepting the job.


Who are the major competitors?

This question shows that that the candidate is thinking about dealing with competition, the strategies to use,  and the steps to help the company to meet its goals.


Do you have any reservations about my qualifications?

This expresses confidence, and the mind to discuss your weaknesses, with your potential employer.


What are the core values of the company?

This question expresses a proactive attitude and throws a light about the internal workings of the company.


Please give the details of my day to day responsibilities.

This will chalk out the share of responsibilities to embark on the road to success in a company.


How do you evaluate success?

This question shows that that the candidate is keen to succeed and desires to know about the relative success and adapt the necessary measures.

When this is done the candidate can rest assured that the job is nearly his/hers. Being smart always gives good results.


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