The days of competition, demand from us, to be smart and problem solving, in a big way. Here are a few tips to advance the career and achieve the desired results.

Be in the company of smart people:

It is ideal to spend time with competent and intelligent people who challenge and advance the process of thinking. It is great to align our self with someone who understands and knows things.

Seek passionate, successful individuals.

The benefits of networking

Networking always plays an important role in achievements. Attend workshops or events and join relevant professional groups which are specific to the field of our interest.

Be engaged and remain reconnected with someone.

Build a far reaching network of friends, followers, and thought leaders.

Make new contacts every day and keep the habit of learning.

Psychological moves

Here are a series of moves that will serve any person in the long run.

People offer support and advice, provided they are approached in the right manner.

Plan and picture your success.

When you can see it, you can make it happen.

Improve your reputation.

Have a purpose and direction that will help you to achieve your dreams.

Identify potential points of growth.

Become dynamic and professional.


All training is a part of the great learning process and this aspect must always be taken care of in a systematic manner.

Become an expert in some area and try to be the best in it. 

Build your brand and improve your professional standing.

Keep your internet presence relevant. Write a blog, Tweet on a daily basis, or Write and post relevant articles on LinkedIn.

Hone and sharpen your skills.

Limit your normal social circle and connect with new people.

Be ready to share experiences knowledge and expertise.

Pursue further education to increase qualification levels and be abreast with local trends.

Find a Mentor

Find a thoughtful practical mentor who has succeeded through hard work and has achieved a lot in the profession. Share his/her experiences and obtain invaluable tips on how to succeed. Take advice to figure out the best way to progress in career.


A resume should focus on the future and list out the talent, passion, credentials, experiences, accomplishments and possibilities which you can perform in a positive work oriented atmosphere. Update your resume, every time a milestone, is achieved in your career.


A genuine feedback is crucial for personal development.  It makes us aware of the developments which were overlooked earlier. Take it as a positive, honest and candid response that focuses on self improvement.

Advancing the career is based on the principles you adopt and the decisions you make. The measures discussed above will boost your chances to achieving greater things.


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