Social Media Changing Recruitment

Social Media Recruitment

Social media has revolutionized how we relate, how we shop, interact, and process news. They have impacted just about every aspect of our lives. Facebook has more than 2 billion members, Twitter about 600 million LinkedIn and WhatsApp have 500 million each. That is not to say of Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and a host of others. Social Media has also significantly impacted hiring and recruitment of workers. Few firms can afford to ignore the changes that social media has forced upon HR practitioners.

Smaller Firms:

In the absence of social media most top talents would simply gravitate to the large established companies. However, social media has made it possible for small companies to attract top talents since they can advertise cheaply on their pages and reach thousands of workers globally. A smaller firm through a single post is able to attract lots of interest from qualified talents across the globe. This has made the smaller firms to be key competitors for top talent alongside the larger established companies.

Cultural Fit:

A simple scroll through a potential candidate’s timeline can enable the prospective head hunters to ascertain their passions, likes, hobbies, personal interest and what drives them. This provides critical insights as to whether the said candidate would be an excellent cultural fit for a particular position. However, this should be treated with caution since some people overshare others under-share. Even then it's easy to get insight into an individual’s heart, and motivation from what they say or writes on their pages.


Social media provides algorithms with which you can use to reach out and target specific groups and regions. You can also target your ads towards specific age sets and therefore only attract people within that circle of age, region, gender or profession. This kind of targeted marketing enables you to attract particular talents rather than reaching out to the general public. The algorithms can also help you to find out what are the major trends in social media recruiting and how you can exploit them to your advantage.

Cheaper Costs:

One significant impact of social media on recruiting has to do with costs. With a few dollars you are able to attract lots of talents into the business. This is just a fraction of what it take to advertise vacancies in traditional media. It’s also easier to respond to queries on the social media platforms. The two-way communication makes it easier to weed out those who are unqualified or under qualified. In the end you are able to access the cream of the talent pool easily.

As social media changes for the better so will online recruiting. The social media platforms will continue to avail features that make it easier to attract, assess, respond and hire top talents at a low cost and short time.


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