1 Strong communication skills with a Great grasp of analytics

All communications demand a clear message given to a target audience, in an appropriate tone. This can be in writing, verbal, or online via digital channels. It is better to have speaking and presentation skills.

2 Understanding of Inbound marketing: Marketers must take decisions driven by data and metrics correlated to campaign goals and thoroughly know the key performance indicators. Today it is easy to track impacts on a campaign’s success.

3 Understanding buyer needs and the sales process: Today’s marketers must understand the technique of what clicks with the buyer. A grasp of the sale process is also necessary.

4 Possessing Basic spreadsheet skills: Use of spreadsheets like Excel or Google Docs is in nowadays for modeling, planning, and studying trends. It is extensively used for Tracking social media marketing, Blog post traffic tracking, CTA audits, SEO keyword planning and visitors to site. It is of great benefit in reviewing campaign metrics.

5 Excellent writing ability and telling a story: Today’s marketers must Understand the difference between a blog, a landing page, a thank you page, gated content and know their technique of posting online. Telling an impactful story and publishing apt content, are the fuel for inbound marketing.

6 Experience with contemporary digital tools, platforms, and channel: Understanding how to leverage social media channels, apps, and websites like Medium or Linkedin goes a long way in making the process beneficial and effective.

7 Critical thinking and problem-solving skills: Remembering why and how something is working can benefit in the long run. It is important to understand the consumer psychology and act accordingly. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills is an asset for an individual as well as for a company also.

8 Digital advertising experience: A good advertise helps one to remember the product and creates solid information base. Customers find it interesting and worth talking. This leads to the popularity of the product. Doing this will create very good customer experiences.

9 Following revenue-driven strategies: When the revenue is good everyone prospers and hence there is a great need for having strategies that are innovative and remunerative. This will also lead to a better and bigger role for the person.

10 Testing everything: The habit of testing creates a competitive environment where there are few mistakes and the errors are taken care of. This may even lead to perfection.

By using the above the results will be astounding and the path of progress will be smooth.


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