The Top 10 Workplaces for Women – 2018

The Top 10 Workplaces for Women – 2018 |Jobaap

As gender equality continues to take the spotlight in workplace issues, more women are seeking job opportunities with companies where they're most likely to receive equal pay and treatment.

InHerSight, a workplace ratings and matching site for women, collected user rating data on 27,000 India companies across five main levels

Equal opportunities for men and women

Salary satisfaction

Maternity and adoptive leave

Top leadership and

Management opportunities for women.

While InHerSight used its data to rank the best workplaces in each category on a five-point scale, the top 10 workplaces for women overall include:

Dell (4.6)

Oracle (4.4)

value labs (4.2)

Cognizant (4.0)

Netflix (4.0)

Facebook (4.0)

HCL (3.9)


Google (3.8)

IBM (3.8)

According to female representation in leadership and management opportunities for women, as well as equal opportunities and salary satisfaction, are strong predictors of women's satisfaction at work.

Last year, several high-profile companies announced improvements to their parental leave programs, so maternity and adoptive leave became a highlighted factor for InHerSight. Mead hopes that trend continues in 2018.

The great news about many of these larger companies is that they're always hiring, and often hiring for a lot of open positions," said Jobaap. "For example, a quick look at the Facebook careers page shows hundreds of open positions right now. Of course, there's a lot of competition for these jobs, but that shouldn't stop you from applying.

Approaching the discussion with your current employer

While it might be difficult to get a job at many of the bigger name places on the table, that doesn't mean that you can't have all those benefits at your current or future organization. Jobaap found that reviewing salaries and correcting pay gaps was the policy change women wanted the most at their current employer (more than 31 percent).


Companies aren't willing readers – if you want to see changes to advantages or initiatives, you may have to initiate that conversation with your manager or HR team. Most companies want to know how they can better support their employees and will welcome that dialogue.

She also suggested that women hoping to make a change at their company do some initial research on how their company's policies compare to others and what the options are. "It's also important to think about your request from the employer's perspective to demonstrate awareness of what some of their concerns and constraints might be so you can both be solutions oriented."

Women on the job hunt have access to a lot of information that can help them determine what job or company is right for them. Sometimes all it takes is doing a little research to uncover what could potentially be the perfect match.

If you know people at the company, talk to them, Mead advised. If you don't, there are a lot of great resources online to help you find the right company and for you to learn more about their culture and benefits. It's important to keep in mind that a company can have great benefits on paper, but how those policies are implemented matters a lot.


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