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A Bully at Work makes you feel intimidated, and you dread to work with a particular coworker. They are wild in the behaviour and resort to psychological assaults, criticism, yelling, insulting, and putting down. They pick out your mistakes and are also prone to steal credit for your work and this is a common phenomenon in the office which affects millions. Yet another trait is gossiping or telling lies to your coworkers about you, and work sabotage. It is found that more men are bullies and women or soft hearted men are the most frequent targets of bullies. The people who are thus targeted by a bully experience run into stress-related health problems, debilitating anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

  • Dealing With a Bully and changing his/her behavior requires a tough stand, courage and the desire to do something. With reporting, action, persistence and personal courage, you can address the behavior of a bully at the workplace and neutralize it.
  • Do not be an easy target. Set the limit of how much you can take it in your mind, and tell the bully to stop this undesirable behavior.
  • Describe the behavior you see or experience.
  • Tell the offender how his/her behavior is impacting on your work.
  • Tell the offender how his/her behavior will not be tolerated in the future.
  • Take up the expected confrontation.
  • Point out that he/she is swearing or yelling, and leave the room.
  • Make statements about his/her conduct, and put him on notice.
  • When there are complaints and criticisms, seek the recommendations.
  • Ask him/her to leave the meeting or end the meeting and reschedule it without him/her.
  • Make a record of experiencing bullying behavior, with the date, time and details of the incident and if possible collect witnesses.
  • This is a case of hurting feelings; and sabotaging an asset impacting business success.
  • If the bullying is through email or correspondence, maintain a hard copy of the trail of emails and create a file.
  • If more Coworkers Are Targets ask your coworkers to record the behavior and build a case to report to HR.
  • Tell Management and HR about the Bully. File a formal complaint.Do not fall prey to the cycle of self-blame.
  • Be emotionally stable take a clear-headed decision to stay and fight.
  • Study the reach and impact on the organization.
  • Take the steps and do something and continue to function, and never forget to bounce back.
  • Demand positive changes for the sake of the organization.
  • Do not feel guilty for not confronting them.
  • Do not ever sacrifice personal integrity and health over this issue.
  • Do not wait for the bully to reform or that his/her habits will disappear.
  • Make the employer own the responsibility about a bad employee and request them to fix it.

With these measures it is implied that the undesirable trait is treated and taken care of.




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