Top 5 Issues Faced by the HR Department

hr department

Human resource departments are some of the most dynamic and consequential aspects of an organization. The challenges and constraints that plague human resource departments evolve every year. These problems range from compensation and legal issues to technology and innovation. Every HR department has to worry about certain internal as well as external factors that may impact the productivity of the workers.

I. Data Analysis vs Intuition:  Most modern day workplace issues, from hiring and appraisal to a recommendation and even compensation, are run under analytics. This analytics come in handy, especially when you are dealing with a large workforce. Even then analytics do not replace intuitive feeling as a means of gauging some of the trend and issues to do with workers. Data analysis is very critical, but it doesn’t substitute wisdom, creativity, and understanding.

II. Enshrining Compliance: Managers should be dealing with employees through cooperation as a means of effecting behavior change or improving performance. The problem is most managers still view policing and compliance as the means with which to handle their junior staffers. This may be very efficient, but it’s also demoralizing and stifling especially for creative workers. Eventually, you carry the risk of a brain drain.

III. How to Invest in Employee Development: Most hr offices are conflicted on whether to invest in employee development. Most of them feel as though it’s a waste of time given that an average employee stays in a firm for not more than 2-3 years. Therefore training them and losing them that soon is a huge loss to the enterprise. Even then it still easy to identify and equip the loyal employees. The issue then is what kind of empowerment to provide for them.

IV. Getting New Hires: The world may have lots of new graduates, but few of them have the requisite skills needed in most firms. This is especially true in rapidly emerging fields. Therefore hr has either to hire and train or compete for the shrinking pool of workers who are proficient in the specific skills. Some resort to poaching while others outsource the particular functions aligned with that task. Some hr depts. resort to tapping them young while they are still in university and mentoring them.

V. Computing Compensation: The modern worker is informed, demanding, savvy, and hard bargainers who’d gladly walk away from a bad deal. Therefore modern HR depts. have to be very inventive and versatile. That’s why these depts. have to be very persuasive and keen on providing commensurate packages for their employees. Lots of workers know what they bring on board, and it’s up to the hr to compute how much they are willing to pay for that level of value.


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