Using Social Network to Attract Talent

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Social media is such a big deal when it comes to hiring. A total of 84% of firms uses social media to recruit according to a number of studies. Social media has lots of active and passive job seeker who are easy to reach. Most hr officers use social media content to gauge the maturity, personality, and interactivity of a specific candidate. Lots of head-hunters also say that the content on a potential candidate’s site influences how they perceive the particular candidate. Here are some advantages of having your own social network:

Build A Qualified Talent Pipeline: More than 80% of job seekers rely on social media to conduct job searches. Therefore as a firm, it becomes easy for you to source for talent through your social networks. This cuts on advertising costs as well as extends the number of potential recruits that you attract. Over time the number of those seeking employment from your firm will rise significantly. It also saves time as you would easily and quickly draw an enormous pool of talent to select from.

Get Rich Insights With Analytics: The modern day social sites can equip you with great analytics in terms of the best times to post, what to post and how to optimize your recruiting message. You are also able to target specific posts and specific regions. The analytics can also help you analyze social footprint data and the motivations of your audiences. The modern day social platform can, therefore, enable you to get crucial insight into the minds and passions of your average recruit. The networks have boiled down online recruiting to a science.

Boost Employer Branding: A recent study has shown that most employees would quit and join another company which has a better reputation than their own. That’s why as a leader you ought to invest in proper social media teams that will shore your online reputation. The best part of social media branding is that it costs only a fraction of what traditional media charges you. Well established social media reputation enables you to have great engagement, share knowledge and mentor your juniors and an online legion of fans.

Anytime, anywhere access: Sophisticated mobile gadgets have made it very easy to run, edit, cancel, correct or alter content on your social network pages in real time. Contextual platforms built on agile technology interfaces can be hosted on the cloud and can be accessed by authorized person from anywhere around the world. They also allow for easy decision making among your staffers since they avail evidence-based analytics for accurate and quick decision making. This mobility and freedom immensely boosts your ability to hire from anywhere around the world.


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