What makes up a Perfect Employee Development Plan?

employee development plan

Employee development plans are a must-have instrument for any organization that hopes to keep their employees satisfied or retain them in the organization. This is because such a plan presents the employees with a wide palette of opportunities as well as mapping out a clear direction on how the employees can increase their skills and move ahead in their careers. In addition, it helps the employees reach the required capability through learning and development. It also helps keep the strong performers in the company. This is because they are always kept on their toes through challenges in their current role as well as their future roles. An employee development plan is also a great way to address the generation issue.

With that said, let’s now look at some of the components of a great employee development plan:

Training modules

This is the most common component that is found in almost all organizations. It entails putting the new recruits under strict training from the first day up to a few months into joining the company; depending on the decision of the team leader. This helps ensure that the employee understands all things about the company and their role in the company.

Set targets

Development is mainly characterized by focus and the determination to achieve a set target. As such, most organizations tend to set a monthly target which the employees or teams are expected to meet at the end of the month. This also gives the teams a sense of purpose and a reason to get down to business at all times.


Once the teams meet their targets at the end of the set time, the next step is to reward them or what is known as incentives. Incentives are vital as they help motivate the employees into giving their best at the jobs they are assigned as they know that they will reap the benefits of their hard work. This also drives the employees to be creative in finding ways to be efficient in that which they do so as to meet their target and get the incentive.

In house meetings

A time comes when an employee is asked to work on a module. In this case, it is paramount for them to become acquainted with the in-house strategic meetings. This helps them better understand the company as well as evaluate their personal growth. As such, in house meetings are vital in the Employee Development Plan.

As you have seen, the Employee Development Plan helps the employees in diverse ways including helping them know what is expected of them in their individual capacities as well as in meeting their job responsibilities. With the incorporation of those components, a company will be on its way to reaping the associated perks.


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