How to Excel Self Appraisal

 Ace Self Appraisal, How to Ace Self Appraisal


Performance reviews and employee evaluations are useful tools to assess the track record of any employee. There is an element of criticism and scrutiny. A lot can hinge on these reviews, and proper preparation is important in this matter.  The review may be thoroughly positive review or otherwise but it must be met with dignity and poise. Mostly all companies go for a review once a year.

All the projects undertaken must be recorded for evaluation in an email folder, or computer file. It must deal with the relevant details of their contribution. It must cover achievements and impact and should be supported with evidence, data, internal reports, public record or feedback and bring attention to accomplishments.

  • It is always good to be armed with solutions for the inherent weaknesses one may have.
  • The areas of training and significant improvement must be highlighted.
  • The plans to address genuine and outstanding problems must be kept forward.
  • It is advisable to be prepared for a negative feedback and take is as a sign of further improvement. Be ready for some unexpected criticism and handle it calmly.
  • It is important to have an agenda offering suggestions for improvement and a better tomorrow in the office.  Delivering as per the issues raised is the most important message it carries.
  • Be composed and do not react from hurt or anger during the meeting.
  • The task in the performance review is to assign a role in a team and it is a fact of life, for all workers big and small. It is a plan to strategize, and go forward in a systematic manner.
  • Start the review process, months before the due date, and be mentally prepared. Spell out the desired support you need from your boss.  Speak of the goals, measurable outcomes and targets you wish to have for the next year.
  • Be mature. Own up to mistakes when you make them.
  • When one is successful in work throughout the year, there is no reason or cause for worry.
  • The employees should know exactly what the manager is going to say in the review and there must be a healthy anticipation.
  • Getting feedback on work, from many sources, helps you to understand the magnitude of opportunities and this must be shown in your assessment. It must be an easy task if there is a building of relationships throughout the year.
  • Have a plan where the successes, and lessons learned, are recorded.
  • Knowing our vulnerability, and imperfections, and finding a way out is important in any review. Instead of others one must know it in the first place.
  • Helping others is a strong way to earn the support from colleagues.

With all these, one can stand a better chance to ace the self appraisal, and emerge as a winner.


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