Quitting Job with No Back-up Plan

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Quitting a job without looking at the future need not be a stage of anxiousness. We crave for approval and reassurance from others, but that is not an end. The aim to go higher and achieve better on the strength of our own efforts, makes a huge difference. There are a few tips to take up the fight of life and emerge victorious.

Look cool, calm, confident, composed and collected.

Leaving the comfort, security and predictability of a traditional, full-time job and, benefits is not easy. Feel good about the decision and plan the next move. Be ready to take action and give it a try. A sprint away from my cubicle demands lot of strategy, planning, initiative and motivation.

Get things off the ground. It can be one of the most enlightening career experiences to have. In order to be an achiever and self guided person you do not need the approval of others.
Sit down at the computer and feel overwhelmed at the dimensions of your personality.
Searching for work and taking a step in the right direction is very important.
Be motivated and optimistic and expect something good coming next.
Left to our self we have the potential to do unique things and have no idea what we are capable of doing, until we push our self to try it. The future is a place where one can accomplish things that were never even thought to be possible.

Greater good can happen if you take a new route. A great job adds to our life and gives us a purpose and identity. In a new job we can learn a lot along the way. We are the only person responsible for our own happiness, and only we have the power to change our circumstances. If this is our ideology than we can pursue a new course, take up a new challenge, and solve several problems.

We have a right to be respected, and move over to a new professional environment.  We have time to figure out new things out and chart a new course. Life is more meaningful when we face it with a new found confidence and boost our confidence. A new job always is an opportunity to take our career and our life to the next level.

When the communication slows down, and follow-ups go unanswered do not be confused or annoyed. With persistence there is always a chance to succeed and shine on the horizon.

Thus all does not ends with a job. We can always find a new one and walk on the path of progress in the journey of life.


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