Strategies to Hire a Successful Team

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Every organization wants to hire the best professionals. However, to do so one must understand the requirements of that particular job. Most organizations hire people on the basis of experience and education. Skills always take the back seat, going forward this is not going to help.

Hiring and building a great team needs a lot of patience. It has to be mapped with the overall goals and expansion plans of the organization. Hence, hiring a good person can only be considered to be a job half done. Below are some tips for hiring a successful team:


Where to hunt and hire: Hiring from campuses, professional and social networks, competition, job portals, referrals and consultants are few of the options available.


Qualities to look out for: A potential candidate should be passionate about his work, should have hunger to succeed and track record to talk about.


A knowledgeable interview panel: A knowledgeable interview panel comprising of diverse and related functions helps judge candidates better. Analyzing a candidate from different perspective helps. A skill and knowledge assessment on the particular subject is a must.


Consensus on hiring: The interview panel must arise at one common consensus before making the final decision. It should be logical and fair keeping the organizational goals in mind.


Look for skills and recommendations: Look forward to skills and recommendations. Check for both online and offline recommendations. Analyzing if the person is of the type your organization is looking at is very critical.


Qualities and work ethics: Interviewer must check for subtle qualities, like leadership qualities, amicable nature, work ethics, punctuality etc, by posing different questions and giving situations, depending on the nature of work.


Communication Skills: Checking if the person is communicating well or not is very important, both verbal and non-verbal skills are to be judged, depending upon the nature of work.


 Attitude: He/she must have a never-die attitude. Task completion should be the first priority. Submitting reports/tasks on time are critical skills to be taken note of.


Experience: Experience is equally important so that there is limited burden on training and development. Good experience comes handy and makes job easier for organizations.


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