About us

Jobaap is devoted to act as an eco-system connecting Job seekers, Recruiters and Academia. Jobaap caters to the job demands of every person and act as an easy interface for anyone and everyone - From CXOs to cashiers to drivers, to enable them to hire or get hired. Jobaap is available on Web, Android and iOS.


Job Seekers

Optimize Your CV
Writing and designing your resume can be hard. With our professional CV builder, you can build your professional CV effortlessly and quickly. We take care of your CV design by letting you choose from a range of beautiful, professional and industry-approved designs, so that you can focus on writing a winning CV. 

Get Connected

The best jobs come via social referrals. With Jobaap, you can connect with recruiters and tap into your social network to get referred to your dream job. Our app also lets recruiters “like” your profile, which helps your profile stand out and get noticed by more recruiters.

Get Matched to Your Dream Job

We know searching for your dream job is hard work. We help you save time and effort from combing through job boards or cold-emailing recruiters. We match your unique skillsets to existing jobs in our database, some of which are exclusive to Jobaap.


Get Social

Share a job with your social networks through various social media channels. Your social networks contain a wealth of resources that can connect you to job seekers that match your job requirements perfectly.

High Quality Candidates

No more spam emails and calls from hundreds of eager job seekers. Through Jobaap, you gain instant access to a wide range of high quality candidates and relevant job matches that suit your requirements perfectly.

Get Connected

With our app, you can gain access to the entire recruitment system, including academia and job seekers. No more sifting through hundreds of irrelevant resumes and responding to cold emails! We do the work for you by matching you to high quality and relevant candidates according to your job requirements.