Q : Why should I register with Jobaap?

A : Jobaap is an unique job search engine which will find suitable jobs based on Distance, Salary, Role and Experience in an extremely simple and easy way.

Q : How can I search and apply for jobs?

A : This site is updated daily to include open jobs from Companies and consultants. Use the Search Jobs toolbar at the home page to search by skills or location. Also you can search by category which is available in the home page.

Q : I have forgotten my password, and cannot access my account.

A : If you are registered with us and you forget your password, you can request a new password link to be sent to the email address registered on your account.If there is an in Employer Login option, there is a link "Forgot password?" If you enter your email address, you will be sent a reminder of your password to your email address.If you do not receive your email please contact your Account Manager direct, or contact us.

Q : How do I post a job?

A : There are pre-defined templates, all you have to do is fill it appropriately and post it.

Q : How do I edit job postings posted by me earlier?

A : You can view the jobs posted by you and click it open to edit it. Post editing you can post it again.

Q : How can I submit my CV or resume?

A : When you apply for a job you will be asked to upload (attach) your CV/resume in a standard file format and upon using submit button your CV will be submitted to the desired Employer/Recruiter.

Q : What is Make your CV?

A : We have provided you world class templates to design your CV. It cuts down the challenges of making your CV and designing it. All you have do is choose one template and fill it as per your skills and experience.

Q : How can I set up a Job Agent to receive automatic alerts about jobs?

A : While you register yourself as an applicant, we will default save your details and send suitable job openings to you. That is called as Jobaap Suggested. The button will be available in the home screens of Mobile and Website.

Q : Can I know how many people have applied for the job?

A : You may not know how many people have applied for the job, but you will know how many people have recommended the job and also there is an option you will know how many people have recommended your profile.